• John Jay duBois

Flooring Under Your New Railing... It Comes First!

Floors, our customers tell us they find hardwood floors so costly, so many engineered and solid wood choices with vast differences in cost, but no real explanation why? How can you succeed in unlocking the knowledge to take control of this project including understanding the real hidden difference between site finished and prefinished flooring options?

All site finished floor is not the best option and all prefinished floor is not the worst. The primary motivation in prefinished flooring came from very volatile and toxic finishes that are now obsolete. In the meantime it has become a highly profitable decorator item, in a myriad of grades and no standards to help the customer choose or even know what they are getting. With modern low volatile compliant finishes and low cost of top quality wood unfinished floor due to the majority of sales being in pre-finished, you may just be in for a surprise! You can usually get a better floor custom laid in beautiful solid hardwood at a price at or below an engineered (plywood) floor. It has the advantage of being smooth, flat with no "micro" grooves present between the pieces of flooring. It can be refinished any number of times. 90% of pre-finished engineered flooring is either too thinly veneered to refinish, or has a good thick veneer, but a textured or scraped surface that cannot be replicated in the field, and when the time comes to refinish it the cost will reflect the deep sanding required to remove this type of textured surface. Please ask us before you proceed with flooring in preparation for your new railing project, we can save you code safety violations, money, time and produce a classic result you'll love!

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