• John Jay duBois

Amazing new tools for amateur and pro!

The status quo of tooling for over the post railing systems is archaic. Improvements are available but expensive and marginally effective as they retain the basic concept used for centuries. I use a system that ensures a perfect fit, and reduces labor cost while improving overall strength and quality significantly. I'll be publishing this method soon, watch here for news! At this point the system is going through patent review so no more can be said but I am really excited to be able to help others escape the torture of traditional railing fitting measuring and assembly! This is a professional grade system which can pay for itself in a week for the pro, but I plan to make loaners available for the do it yourselfer so don't give up... Video training will be available as well as phone support and on the job support via face time. You can preview the system here under the DIY tab, videos. Have Fun! Call or submit inquiry for beta user or dealer status...

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