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Do it yourself serves two purposes, help you do it yourself (duh) and help you understand how I do it if you hire me! Well, of course. I'll cover this information mostly in videos (https://www.lovemystairs.com/videos) so be sure to look at the video tab. The current videos are centered on the most exciting thing I've done to improve stair railing construction. The tool shown can be bought, just drop a line and I'll make you one or more. It takes away the most troublesome fear factor facing feckless friends finding courage to engage in making their own stair railing... Putting a bunch of holes into expensive parts and hoping they come out right! Fear is justified, it's a royal pain in the arse to install a rail bolt, i.e. bolt two sections of railing together sturdily and make it look pretty and be sturdy. This Xbolt as I call it takes about 99% of the hardship away. Try it!

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