• Robin duBois

How we build a great stair railing

The main purpose for most blogs including this one is to give the site visitor something useful in exchange for your visit. Visitors mean Google makes $$$ in most cases, so they like that. Visitors make the site owner feel good but don't have to convert to money to do that. The most important thing I can offer you is knowledge, not just to be a nice guy but so you'll know how to gather the information you need to make a decision who to have construct your project. On rare occasions I've seen clients take a low bid on a project, with full knowledge that the competing bid was less than the materials and labor to do the project correctly, or with the quality of materials and detail needed structurally and aesthetically. Changing that decision is a bit unlikely, the person making it is not really "my" client to begin with. Offering substantial robust discussion of the how the project will be done is vital. I hope browsing these posts sheds light on the hidden dimensions, the secret life of the craftsman:)

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The spiral code is ICC derived and easy to follow. Yes, you can have a spiral and not use up five feet in diameter floor space. 26" is the minimum tread length, which accounts for a 56" diameter stair

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