• General routine maintenance

  • Furniture repairs on site

  • Expert interior renovation and repairs

  • Floors Installed, Refinished

Handyman work entails every sort of household renovation and repair. I focus on interior handyman projects, within the four walls, floor and ceiling of your house all is welcome. While a "handyman" is a jack of all trades, I am master of more than one. I enjoy new work, making old things well again, and as a true handyman must, enjoy fixing the hinges, latches, every sort of thing that makes your home ship shape!

I started woodworking as a kid, progressing to full fledged house and barn repair, on timber frame buildings. An early project was reorienting the stairs 90 degrees, in our Victorian farm house in Cape Breton. 

I have done every aspect of home repair and building.  I'm a master carpenter. I weld with pleasure. I enjoy CAD drawing, and always create a working shop drawing of any construction project which ensures proper layout and predictable results.

I bill $65 an hour. I'm not prone to bill for fumbling, if I waste an hour falling over my feet you don't pay for it. This could go a long way to make your budget great again. Change starts at home:). If you wish to purchase block time you receive a ten percent discount for ten or more hours booked in advance.

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