Design, Workmanship, Safety. That's all.

Why hire me? Don't ask me, I'm autistic...

If I hired me it would be to get a better job done quickly, to specification, without argument and to code. My work follows International Residential Code. Live anywhere on the East Coast? I'm ready when you are. My diesel Sprinter is the Santa's Sleigh of stair craft. I won't come down your chimney but I have everything in my bag.. Stop reading and send some pictures for a quote already!





Stairs are the chocolate of home improvement. Yes, I said that:). They can be made of wood, metal, glass, stone, or all of them together. Even of chocolate.. Unfortunately the cost of custom stairs is right in line with chocolate.  Like a really good chef, it's possible to keep the chocolate as a glaze, getting the full flavor and crunch but not soaking the customer!

Help me lower your cost:

What's bounce rate? It's a quality score, if you read one page of my site and move on, Google says, "Oh no, this page must suck!" The result? I get dinged and it costs more to be here. So give my site a chance, take a look at some pictures:)

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