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Why hire me? Don't ask me, I'm autistic. I'll tell you the truth, I don't know. It may well be more of a pain in the ass than it's worth. People who do (hire me) have said nice things afterward. Before internet sprawl took over the world of communication, most actually wrote nice letters. Yup, on paper, with pens and flowery stationary envelopes. NOT all people, some (rarely) have been as much of a pain as I am:). What's autistic? Not sure anyone knows. It makes a great excuse for forgetting important dates though. And, dogs like me a lot:)





What this is all about is making a better web page for a business endeavor that takes a good deal of my time, custom stair crafting. I'm very lucky, as a very high functioning autistic I can not only do the work, I can explain it and listen to your ideas. I can loft a 3D design of anything I can imagine in Fusion 360 (CAD), so a full drawing set is quite feasible. I don't do this for every project, only by request, or to create shop drawings to weld steel railing parts from. Spiral stairs for example. A better web page means one that you read. This lowers your cost of time spent, and our cost of delivering great work to you.


Stairs are the chocolate of home improvement. Yes, I said that:). They can be made of wood, metal, glass, stone, or all of them together. Even of chocolate.. Unfortunately the cost of custom stairs is right in line with chocolate.  Like a really good chef, it's possible to keep the chocolate as a glaze, getting the full flavor and crunch but not soaking the customer!

What's bounce rate? It's a quality score, if you read one page of my site and move on, Google says, "Oh no, this page must suck!" The result? I get dinged and it costs more to be here. So give my site a chance, take a look at some pictures:)

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